Internships at Upshift are aimed at providing the best-in-class learning experience, fuelling both your personal and professional development. Through these internships you get an opportunity to work on ‘live’ assignments, engage with talented individuals, network with colleagues and set yourself up for success while having fun and contributing to a global HR Tech company.

Your profile

We are looking for enthusiastic IT/ Computer science students, fresh graduates with little or no work experience

Your mission

Bring out the best in yourself and discover where your strengths lie

Key Dates

Application deadline: June 1, 2023
Start day: June 20, 2023

Commitment & Contract

A paid, full-time (in-office) internship
Duration: 3 months 

Your benefits

  • You will get a taste of the development world and learn the secrets of our craft
  • You will be working on a real in-house project
  • Collaborative, fun, and creative working environment
  • Access to a range of tools and cohort-based courses
  • A successful internship can also be a stepping stone to a permanent position within our team

Our expectations

  • Basic/ Elementary programming knowledge
  • Be really proactive, take the initiative to learn, be independent with the can-do attitude
  • Understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Passion for technology
  • Problem solver mindset with good communication skills
  • Familiarity with SQL databases and their declarative query languages
  • Basic knowledge of React.js or Laravel/PHP is considered a plus

Focus areas

Learn and use cool tech

Backend development

  • Overview: HTTP Protocol, PHP, Laravel
  • Working with Databases & Laravel’s Eloquen
  • Laravel Dive In
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Restful API
  • Queuing
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Frontend development

  • Overview of Frontend/ Setup basic tools / Basic HTML / CSS / Node JS / NPM
  • JavaScript Basics and ECMA 6 / React Setup / JSX / Component and Props
  • Component Lifecycle / Basic Hooks / Lists and Forms / Thinking in React
  • React Router / Axios / API Calls
  • Styling in React / CSS / Chakra UI / CSS Modules
  • Context / Render Props / Fragments / Portals / HOC / Refs / DOM
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How to apply

To apply for this internship program please complete our online application via Traffit (our ATS). Be sure to attach your resume in a PDF format. And, after you've taken the first step, it’s our turn to say “hi back” and take the opportunity to learn more about you.

If you enjoyed your discussion with the HR and your skills and potential align with our team’s needs, you will receive an invitation to complete our technical challenge. Once completed, our dev team will evaluate your work, and decide on the next steps. We aim to return a response to you within a few days. 

If the technical challenge is successfully completed, you will be invited to a final technical & HR interview. This interview is done online and will be around 20 minutes. We will ask you questions about your challenge submission. Please be prepared to discuss your work in more detail. Please keep in mind that you will be evaluated by the following competencies: problem-solving ability, communication, and technical capabilities. Finally, you will have an opportunity to ask the team questions about the future of the company, the role, or anything you would like to know. At this stage, you will also have the opportunity to learn all the details about the company, our culture, and the internship program you are interested in. 

This is the final stage and congratulations would be in order! The HR person you have been in touch with will call you in for a face-to-face conversation where we will explain and reveal all the elements of the program and make sure everything is clear and transparent. We are usually doing this in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee, beer, or maybe both, and we will gladly answer any questions you may have before starting your internship. After that, welcome to our team.

The program

  • First week: meet the team, learn the basics of our product and what we do here, as well as prepare your development environment
  • Second week: learn our workflow: Start working with your mentor and your team (backend or frontend - based on your preference). Additionally, you will attend live co-piloting sessions from various areas that will be held everyday by our mentors and observe how they work on real-life tasks.
  • Until your last day: work on your project, polish and finalize your work. While you’ll be expected to drive your own development, you’ll receive unstinting support from your mentor throughout your time with us. They will work with you to set your objectives at the beginning of your tenure, monitor your progress and suggest improvements, as well as ensure you have the support you need to succeed.
  • Demo Day: your last Friday marks the end of this year’s Internship Program. Share what you have accomplished during your internship on the Friday-Demo day with the whole team.

Alumni Testimonial

From useful practical examples through working on a meaningful real project, this has been a dynamic and existing period for me. I met a completely new version of myself, a version who manages to do something that seemed hard or impossible before. I think this is due to the fact that every day I had the opportunity to learn something new and have fun while doing it.

— Natasha Miskimovska, Junior Backend Engineer

  • We will evaluate all applicants fairly and equitably,
  • We aim to go from initial application to decision within one week,
  • We value your time, and if there is not a fit we will let you know as soon as possible and hope you will do the same.
  • Please prepare for the your interview (Take a few minutes to get to know us, including our culture, purpose, product, and values)
  • Be you, we want you as you are, so honest answers would be much appreciated
  • Make sure that you work alone on the technical challenge because we value integrity, and it’s totally fine if you don’t know everything
  • Demonstrate your interest by preparing thoughtful questions for your interviewer
  • Make sure you have a working microphone and webcam as well as a stable internet connection
  • Last but not least – please bring your positive energy and enthusiasm!😊

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