Our values -  Dream Big 

Be Yourself

It is only because of our people, their talent, and extra effort that we have developed and given a true soul to our product. If you are asking, what is the thing that really drives us? We love technology, but not as much as we love being humans. That’s true. Before everything, we are people, we are humble, we care for each other, we are always ready to help, and each day we are pushing together to become a better version of ourselves. A version that is truly inspiring.

Dream Big

We provide the opportunity for everyone to Dream Big! We dream big about our mission, and the difference we want to make, but we also have the guts to chase them. A few years ago, all we had was an almost impossible dream, shared by a few people who gave their word to do their best, to be dedicated to the mission, to endure to the very end, and to experience all the ups and downs this journey holds, together. The question we ask ourselves today is whether any of this would be true if we didn’t dream big back then?

Be Humble and Hungry

Working with us means to challenge and to be challenged, to create, and to innovate. We’re incredibly ambitious, we embrace change and strive for continuous improvement. So, all those tough challenges and difficult problems we face can seem really exciting to us (more or less), and we perceive them only as an opportunity to unleash our full potential and set higher goals. We left our comfort zone behind when we decided to start this journey, and there is NO WAY we are bringing it back. This way we can ensure that no one ever has a dull moment.

Take Ownership

Taking care of our product is a number one rule for us. At Upshift, we all own the product we work on, and we nourish it as if it was our child, one that has good manners and a great potential to rule the world of work. We simply want to bring the best version of it, so every decision we make is a fruit of our round table discussions. It is a great feeling when you work on something that not only impacts so many people’s lives but also allows you to always hear their first-hand opinion and have a clear direction on how to perfect it and make it even better. This is the main reason that motivates us to be even more proactive, take responsibility, deliver better results and simply go the extra mile.


At Upshift, a culture of meritocracy is the context in which we operate, as we work to serve our clients and fulfill the concerns of our clients, employees, and shareholders. Not for a set of “chosen few”, but as a commitment to recognize and reward performance and development of each and every employee – a commitment that lives through a set of principles and practices. Successful teams also need good leaders, and we reward people who show initiative, creativity and the energy to continually drive our business forward.