What’s in it for you?


An opportunity for significant professional growth.


A base salary and stock options - every employee of Upshift is a stakeholder.

Work with the best

Join our ambitious team of tech engineers and work among A-players.

Fast-growing start-up

Although our users and clients are from the US, we build the product from Skopje- the heart of Macedonia.

Cutting-edge technology

We’re a product-led startup, we might be one of the most technologically sophisticated HR-tech companies in the world.

Make an impact

You will be responsible for the further growth of the company and you’ll be shaping the way people find work across the world.

Current Openings

📢 Senior DevOps Engineer
📅 Jan 2023

📢 DevOps Engineer
📅 Jan 2023

📢 Mobile Engineer (React Native)
📅 Jan 2023

Recruitment process and workflow

To apply for a position at Upshift, scroll down to see the full list of our openings and complete an online application via Fountain (our ATS). Be sure to attach your resume in a PDF format. And, after you've taken the first step, it’s our turn to say “hi back” and take the opportunity to learn more about you.

As we received your application, it will be screened by our HR person. Sometimes when you are the first to hear from us, we prefer a phone call, so we can provide more information about who we are, what we do, and what makes us special. All that, so you can easily decide if you’d like to proceed with us.

If there is a potential match, we'll invite you to a first initial interview with our HR person. This interview is done online and will be around 20 minutes. At this stage, you will have the opportunity to learn all the details about the company, our culture, and the position you are interested in. The purpose of this interview is to find out more about each other and see if we could be the right fit for you and vice versa.

If you enjoyed your discussion with the HR and your skills and potential align with our team’s needs, you will receive an invitation to complete the technical challenge. It is important to mention that the complexity of this challenge varies depending on the seniority and skills of the candidate. Once completed, our dev team will evaluate your work, and decide on the next steps. We aim to return a response to you within a week. For candidates of greater seniority,  there is opportunity to skip this stage and proceed directly to the next - system design interview (technical interview).

If stage #4 went well, you will be invited to a final technical interview, which is guided by the Team lead and our CTO. This interview is normally 60 minutes long and typically structured like this: -We will ask you questions about your challenge submission. Please be prepared to discuss your work in more detail;-We will also ask you general technical questions designed to ascertain your technical understanding;-Next, we will ask questions about your past professional experience. Please be prepared to describe exactly what your responsibilities were and the challenges you faced;-We’ll finish the interview by asking questions about your approach to complex technical challenges, teamwork, and communication; You will be evaluated by the following competencies: problem-solving ability, communication, and technical capabilities. Finally, you will have an opportunity to ask the team questions about the future of the company, the role, or anything you would like to know. If you decide to go straight to a system design interview, here's what to expect. We will start with a very broad prompt, like “Hey let's design Instagram" and then you are expected to generate a high-level design of the system, starting with which components are needed, and how they are interconnected. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible such as “what are the requirements - both functional and non-functional” and you will do the interview on a virtual whiteboard where  you can draw out the solution design. The idea behind the solution is to elaborate your understanding of building large systems, creating distributed systems, and the components such solutions require to operate.

This is the final stage and congratulations would be in order! The HR person you have been in touch with will call you in for a face-to-face offer where we will explain and reveal all the elements of the proposal and make sure everything is clear and transparent. We are usually doing this in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee, beer, or maybe both, and we will gladly answer any questions you may have before accepting the offer. After that, welcome to our team.

After your employment conditions are met, we determine a start date. Your team lead and our onboarding team will make sure you have everything you need for your first day. During any stage, if you have questions, don't hesitate to send us a mail! We'll try our best to answer it as quickly as possible:

Our Commitment

  • We will evaluate all applicants fairly and equitably,
  • We aim to go from initial application to offer within 3-4 weeks,
  • We value your time, and if there is not a fit we will let you know as soon as possible and hope you will do the same.

Tips for applying

  • Please prepare for the first interview (Take a few minutes to get to know us, including our culture, purpose, product, and values)
  • Please let us know if you already have another offer or need to accelerate the process as soon as possible
  • Be you, we want you as you are, so honest answers would be much appreciated
  • Make sure that you work alone on the technical challenge because we value integrity, and it’s totally fine if you don’t know everything
  • Demonstrate your interest by preparing thoughtful questions for your interviewer
  • Make sure you have a working microphone and webcam as well as a stable internet connection
  • Last but not least – please bring your positive energy and enthusiasm!😊

Learn More About

Upshift Progression Framework

Our Upshift progression framework has been developed to help all team members know what’s expected of them and what they need to do to further their careers here. Everyone has a custom career development plan, as the whole process is completely transparent and open-source. We support your progression starting linearly with multiple levels for those with no experience (trainee) up to a principal level. From this point we also allow you to choose from either managerial or technical career path, based on your preferences. The tracks are valued in the same manner and they are not fixed, so you are free to explore the managerial route and if it’s not working out you can return to technical. This way we can guarantee your career progression is continuously present and it’s chosen entirely by you.

Learning Budget and Innovation Space

We never stop learning, as people and as a company. It’s how we get better, and that’s the reason why we are firm and real supporters of life-long learning. Hence, we offer a generous budget that covers various events, conferences, and training that might be of interest to you. We foster an open and supportive environment where people decide for themselves what knowledge or skills they need. Our rule no.1 is to always hire for potential and then train the missing skills! Also, let’s not forget to mention the innovation space we have! Every work week you will have the opportunity to book a day and spend more time learning, reading, and upgrading yourself.

Flexible Environment

The world of work is changing and productive hours differ individually. So. work-life balance isn’t a goal here, it’s a philosophy. Our people do their best work in different ways, whether it’s in the office full time, on a hybrid model, or fully remote. It’s simply a matter of choice. Additionally, they are given the flexibility to adjust their schedules when unexpected events arise, ensuring they can achieve a work-life harmony that meets their needs.

Compensation Package

It’s not all about the salary…but it’s important. We pay well, and we regularly review our structures to keep that the case. You’ll receive a performance and salary review every three months, with the possibility of leveling up, followed by а salary increase or bonus. The criteria for the bonus amount awarded to each team member depends on his individual contribution to the success of the company.

Some other stuff our People enjoy:

  • Stocks in a fast-growing American company
  • Full private health insurance
  • FitKit monthly credits
  • Employee referral bonus program
  • Employee recognition acknowledgment
  • Feedback culture
  • Time allotted for learning
  • Protective and supportive management
  • Social events & epic team activities
  • Family atmosphere
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Pet-friendly office
  • a lot of candy & awesome jokes on a daily basis

We believe that working here is more than just a job. We're humans striving to create something special for other humans. At Upshift, you're expected to make a difference, and your opinions and ideas will truly matter. What unites us is our appetite to learn, and work together as one team, so we can create the best possible experiences for our end-users. That's why empathy, curiosity, and togetherness are what we're all about. And, it all makes a pretty great place to work each day.

Do we share the same values? If yes, we hope youll consider joining us.

General Application

Cant find what you are looking for?

If you cannot find the opportunity that fits the specified criteria, do not worry! You can always send an open application! Email your resume to , and we will review your application whenever a suitable vacancy is available! Keep track of career opportunities at Upshift by visiting the company website, following us on social media and keeping in touch with our recruiters. We will let you know when something interesting opens up!